Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons, Popeye, 2003, Oil on canvas 274.3 x 213.4 cm

TateShots NYC: Jeff Koons

“When I’m working with an object I always have to give the greatest consideration not to alter the object physically or even psychologically. I try to reveal a certain aspect of the object’s personality. To give you an example: if you place a shy person in a large crowd, his shyness will be revealed and enhanced. I work with the object in a very similar manner. I’m placing the object in a context or material that will enhance a specific personality trait within the object. The soul of the object must be maintained to have confidence in the arena” Jeff Koons

Jean Nouvel architect photo by Matthew Pillsbury at Bonni Benrubi

Matthew Pillsbury, La Salle du Haut Conseil, Institut du Monde Arabe, Jean Nouvel, Architect, Paris (2008)

Charlie Rose – Jean Nouvel

“I try to be a contextual architect. And I think that one of the disasters in the urban situation today is what I call the generic architecture. It’s all these buildings in every cities in the world now. And now with the computer you have a lot of facilities to do that. (…) And every building was in relationship with the geography where the building was sticking to the other one, all the castles linking to the landscape. So if you arrive with an idea of a readymade building like readymade, like this in the landscape, and it is a disaster.” Jean Nouvel


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